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Tung Yi Steel Wire Co., Ltd. Was founded in 1969 by Vincent Huang in his hometown,Tung Hsiao,in central Taiwan. His business philosophy is the same as his family's traditional rule-"Treat everyone with honesty". Quality control has top priority,followed by personal service. Mr. Huang greatly values personal contact with his customers.
I Tai is a pioneer of wire cable in Taiwan. In 1961,Mr.Huang worked as a technician at China First Steel Ropes Mfg.Lat.,in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. His hard work and experience quickly earned him recognition and soon he was promoted to factory manager. After gaining a decade's worth of knowledge he stuck out on his own and founded I Tai Wire Cable Co., Ltd.

All our products receuved praise and rapidly won demand. Asworld trade increased so did the requirements for high quality wire cable products. Mr. Huang expanded his business into a second factory,Tung-Yi Steel Wire Co.,feet (3,300¢T). This was an important milestone and is the result of continually increasing demand for our propucts, both at home and overseas. Our products are used for brake cables,gearshift cables,and control cables,for many commercial applications,including bicycles,motorcycles,automobiles and aircraft, as well as agricultural and industrial machinery.

We conduct most of our research and development work here in Tung-Hsiao. We have developed specially constructed cable for various applications. Covered by PVC,PU,Nylon and other materials,our cables are highly water - proof and weather - proof. They are suitable for all sport equipment and can be used for top quality cable locks with easy and confidence.

For 30 years Mr. Huang has been striving to perfect our cable wire products. He endeavors to meet ever increasing demand by formulating long range plans to increase research and devlepment, production, and quality control. Our production lines in corporate the latest engineering technology.Our products are among the best available. They meet standards for 80% of all applications. Our merchandise has a reputation for quality and reliability. You can rely on Tung - Yi Steel Wire Compny.

No.342 Chung Shan Rd.,Tongsiao Township,Miaoli County,Taiwan 357,R.O.C.
TEL:886-37-792666,792667 FAX:886-37-793666
E-mail: web@tungyi.com www.tungyi.com